Monday, July 9, 2012


 I had a great weekend back at UVA - so great that I didn't even have the time to take any pictures. So, I'll just write about some of the things I did instead. After work on Friday, I left home and drove down to Charlottesville with a friend. Since we didn't get there until around 10pm, we just met with and caught up with some friends. Then, someone suggested driving to Skyline Drive to look at the stars on a whim and we all said, why not. It was SO beautiful and quiet up in the mountains. I would love to go back again during the fall to see all the colorful leaves. 
On Saturday, we went to Bellair, a gourmet sandwich shop in a gas station. The ingredients were surprisingly fresh and the place was packed. For dinner, we went to Belmont Barbeque, a tiny place that served delicious bbq. I ordered the slop bucket which is a bowl of layered cheesy potatoes, beans, pulled pork and coleslaw. 
Unfortunately, on Sunday I had to leave to go back home. But, it was a fun and relaxing weekend filled with good food and good company. Can't wait to go back to college in the fall!   

Dress: Express.................$29.99

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